Haute Bauble began out of a love for jewelry!  Honestly, vintage costume jewelry is what fueled the fire.  It all started when my loving Grandma Laura gave me a bunch of her beautifully ornate vintage jewels.  As I looked them over and became interested in their origin, I began researching the designers, learning and craving the history and story behind each piece.  I was hooked and haven’t been the same since.

I love all fashion and appreciate every style, every time period and every artistic expression clothing allows.  Although I have Chanel wishes and Dior dreams, I am a true believer that good fashion doesn’t have to be expensive it just has to look and feel good.

My goal with The Bauble Blog is to encourage individual fashion, whatever that means to you and hopefully inspire you to step out of your fashion comfort zone and try something new.  Whether it’s a great piece of vintage jewelry, a fun fashion DIY or just a new arrangement of your long time favorites. I hope to enhance your daily dressing life and encourage you to Be Bold, Be Haute, Be Inspired.




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