Adoptation: A Fatherson Production Let's Support Local Film

Besides jewelry and fashion, I have a love for the cinema.  I am an avid movie goer and appreciate the art of film and the dedicated people who creatively put themselves out there via camera.  Omaha might be a far cry from Hollywood or New York, but what we lack in location we make up in heart.  Supporting local makers is a big goal of mine and with that comes not just craftsman, but artists of all kinds.  When I saw a chance to screen a locally made movie, I raised my hand with excitement at the opportunity to review a movie shot and made in Omaha with local talent by local talent.

Adoptation, a Fatherson Production, is an independent film made by film makers Tom Knoblauch and Ben Matukewicz.  It follows the quirky, at times socially awkward, but lovable Lou as he tries to find himself both personally and professionally.  What some might consider a moment of desperation, Lou moves back home with his parents to find that he has been “replaced” by a younger version of himself in the sweet, newly adopted son, Owen.  No longer knowing quite where he really fits in, Lou searches for a foot hold in life through reclaiming old friends, creating unfulfilled business opportunities and exploring the possibility of love.  As you follow Lou through his trials it becomes apparent that maybe what he needed was already in front of his face.

Enough of my interpretation, now for the review.  I found Adoptation to be a fun and lighthearted trip that searches for what everyone is looking for, companionship.  It can come in many forms, whether a bromance with a new buddy, a kind conversation with the gal at the coffee shop or your mom who seems to secretly resent you; Adoptation seems to explore the complexities of relationships without really diving too deep.  I really enjoyed the film and appreciated the humor found in Lou and his intricacies, but I was left curious about some of the interactions and wanted to know more about the various characters in Lou’s life.  I would have loved to have seen more between Lou and his new found friend Fago.  I loved their interaction and was hoping for more in their misadventures, but it was short lived.  Without giving anything away, Owen’s relationship with Lou, although sweet and sometimes awkward, left me feeling like there could be more to their “brotherly” story.  The nurturing side of Lou was hidden beneath a few layers and we are only shown the very top.

Want to know more about the adventures of Lou, catch Adoptation March 3rd, 10th and 24th at the Aksarben Cinema and support local film.  

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