Carol Pilbasian: The Last Fashion Icon on Earth

It’s that time of year when we all hunker down inside and start the season of watchable television and begin the perpetual couch surf that is winter.  After completing my to-do list of binge worthy shows I began checking them off one-by-one and as I dipped my toe into the margarita pool of endless possibilities, Last Man on Earth grabbed  my attention and has been entertaining me night after night.  One stand out character, with a wardrobe like none other, fashionably steels the scene time after time; proving that even though you might be the last woman on earth, you can still look good.

Carol Pilbasian dresses with a style that is whimsical and bold and at sometimes childish, but always original.  Thanks to Hulu, I can catch up on everything I missed from season one and rewind for style worthy stills to be later searched online.  If you’re still not sold, feast your eyes on the pattern mixing, kitsch wearing wonder that is Carol Pilbasian.

Alice + Olivia

Carol Pilbasian wearing Alice + Olivia

Now, if your like me and want to shop these great looks, check out Shop Your TV.  A great resource for the fashion that finds you when you’re sitting on the couch.  My personal favorite which unfortunately is sold out, but clearly worth a mention is by Alice + Olivia worn in Season 1.  We could all take a page out of the play book of Carol and add a little positive thinking to our daily wardrobe.  Thanks Carol, I love it!