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Vintage jewelry collecting is my passion! Check out some of my personal collection and my tips on starting a collection of your own.

The World of Weiss

On my latest vintage buying trip I stumbled upon a great collection of butterfly brooches.  Butterflies aren’t necessarily my thing, but I know there is a big market for them and I can appreciate a cool vintage brooch on the lapel of a jacket or pinned stylishly on the denim that is so popular this season.  I… Read More

Lucky in Lucite

I have always wanted a cool Lucite box purse, but whenever I come across one that I like they usually (for good reason) have a high price tag.  Luckily, I was recently at an estate sale and I came across this little purse hidden in a closet among some other bags.  I had seen another… Read More

HB Vintage Friday Find: Laguna

This week’s find is from a great vintage collection, Laguna.  Manufactured by Royal Craftsmen, Inc. beginning in 1944, Laguna is mostly known for its colorful, multi-strand necklace and earring sets. These amazing, glass aurora borealis beads cast a rainbow of color when hit with light making this set a classic beauty.  I can tell the spring… Read More

Swoon Over Dover

I have fallen in love with collecting handbags.  My love for vintage jewelry still reigns but when I spot a cool vintage handbag my heart flutters a bit.  I love all styles, mostly Mid-Century, but I really think there is something special in every era.  Another great thing about vintage handbags is many of them… Read More

Looking for Lisner

On my latest shopping trip I came upon a bright yellow set that I found to be very charming and thought It would be a great addition to any vintage lover’s collection.  Once I saw it was signed “Lisner”, I knew I had to have it. “Lisner” is the signature for the D. Lisner Co.… Read More

Sterling, Now & Then

Is it or isn’t it?  Over the weekend I had this very discussion with a friend, who had felt pressured into buying a necklace at a “sterling silver” price, but was concerned by the lack of any markings after she received her purchase.  This direct sales dealer was convinced it was sterling because she was… Read More

Finding Robert

Original By Robert Estate Find. Purchased for $10.00, estimated value per “Costume Jewelry 101” $30.00-$45.00 On my last estate sale venture I stumbled upon a little hidden gem.  I get so excited when I get to teach the “Estate Sale” folk something new and when the gal behind the jewelry box pulled out this little… Read More