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If you’re curious to know what I’m thinking…here you go!

Are You Referring To My “Man’s Bag”?

With the wrap of Menswear Fashion Week, one accessory reigned supreme across the fashion party line, whiched seem to have been carried forth from the spring collections right on into fall….the “Murse”.  What is a “Murse” you say?  Considering our cultural love for portmanteaus, giving birth to terms such as “Brangelina” and the forgettable “Spidey”; simply put, a “murse”… Read More

Late Night at the Local Grocer

MUSINGS– Being the mother of two young children, you often go to places you never thought you’d go, i.e. Chucky cheese, the interior of your toilet and quite possibly…the looney bin.  With all the craziness of parenting, it makes sense that any chance to stop and take a breather is grabbed as quickly as you… Read More

Welcome to the Gym

Every new year millions of people make the resolution to get in shape and/or lose weight.  Pulling into the parking lot of the gym today, I realized this year is no different.  To be honest, it annoys me that I have to park all the way in the back of the lot when usually I can easily slide in right up… Read More

My Most Memorable Christmas

It was around 5 AM Christmas morning and I had been abruptly woken by the sensation you get when you pee your pants!  Honestly, I wasn’t all that surprised.  I, and my body, had already succumb the hostile 9 month takeover of pregnancy.  I figured since my boobs, butt and face had all exploded in… Read More

Are You Basic? ...and should you really care!

I’m constantly reading and hearing this term “basic bitch” and BASICALLY, I’m lost.  In my head I had an image of a simply dressed woman, maybe someone who didn’t care about her appearance or wouldn’t take fashion risks.  However, after a glance around the Google-sphere, I found out I was sadly mistaken.  It’s much more.  By simply typing… Read More

Made In The U.S.A.

Back in the day we were a country that made things, lots of things.  When I shop for vintage, I love finding clothes with the “Made In America” tag.  I’m patriotic.  I love my country.  I want to support it. (I even wore an American flag one piece bathing suit back in the 90’s.  I… Read More