Festival Fashion Breakdown It's 100% humidity so dress accordingly!

I have always wanted to check out a large music festival, so this weekend the hubby and I are venturing out to Lollalapalooza!  I am super excited, but like most gals, I’m wondering what to wear?

If you looked up the term festival fashion in a Google image search you will see the same girl dressed as an earthen princess, cranium wrapped in a 70’s head band with heart shaped sunglasses.  That’s all well and good, but what’s a girl to do when challenged with 95 degree weather and 100% humidity?  Grin and bear it, I guess…or you could let your freak flag fly and wear whatever you damn well please.  If you’re afraid of sweating through suede (um, yes) and are well aware that standing in heals all day long does not a happy foot make (uh, hello), then let’s talk fashion that makes sense when you’re standing shoulder to shoulder with a group of strangers.

Nothing screams “boho chic” like an outdoor music extravaganza, but let’s face it, Woodstock has come and gone and with it, free love (nothing is free, write that down), hairy armpits and flowers in our hair, but if you must pay homage to one of the most famous festivals of all time, put on deodorant and consider layering it with a tank or T that screams “I Love America”.  Get your flag on in some way shape or form, maybe a scarf around your neck or perhaps body paint.  A festival is a place to wear your red, white and blue; besides, America was founded on the right to rock (write that down)!

When it comes to the lower half, anything denim will do, but consider dressing it up a bit and go with a breezy white eyelet skirt or something with fringe…always lean towards the fringe.  Since leather will just not do when you’re out in over 70 degree weather, add a temperature friendly dash of suede with a statement making belt or cuff bracelet.  Speaking of bracelets, don’t be afraid to layer them on right up your arm and the same goes for your neck.  Pile on the accessories like any good hippy would do. The more the merrier (and I am talking about fashion accessories not free love, please refer to paragraph 2)!

Now, I’m assuming you just jumped head first into the hottest trend of summer, gladiator sandals.  The bad news is your gams are going to be raw come band number two, so ditch the lace ups for a simple flat sandal or low ankle boot.  If you feel as though you must elevate your hind quarters in your booty shorts, a low wedge should suffice.  May I also recommend steering away from wearing anything you might be highly attached.  Shoes were optional festival wear at Woodstock and I am sure the same principle applies, but watch your step or you may end up toe deep in someone else’s aqueous emissions (write that down). Peace, love and fashion!

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