Life Lessons Learned at Lollapalooza Don't worry it's a short list!

Another Lollapalooza in the books and it was a blast!  It had been a long time since my last outdoor concert…I think the last one I went to was headlined by Backstreet and it was soooo hot I don’t think I made it to the end.  The festival, as far as I could tell, went off without a hitch and I was super impressed with the set up.  I never waited in line for anything…not a bathroom…not a beer.  As the music played on from stage to stage and as thousands of people walked around grant park, you can’t help but people watch.  There were some interesting themes that couldn’t go unnoticed:

1.  Are you a pusher or watcher? Standing in a large group of people, you see a many odd things, but one thing I couldn’t get over were the people who insisted on pushing to the front.  Have you no shame? Don’t you see there is an order here?  All the same I kept thinking…maybe I should push up to the front.  I too want to feel Charli XCX sweat.  Well that’s just not my social way, but maybe it should be.  In life, is it better to push and shove whatever or whomever to get to what you want…or politely fall in begrudgingly eyeing those who push past you.  All I can say, is the pushers got a better view than I did.

2. Life through the screen of your smart phone. I admit I am guilty of snapping a photo and taking a vid of a show…a little something to remind me that I was actually there, but after standing through hour one of Metallica, I realized the guy next to me had literally been taping the whole thing essentially missing it all.  Are we so caught up in proving that we were there, that we have forgotten how to just live in the moment?  The sea of smartphones was alarming and for me, a wake up call.  Since I have been home, have I looked at the videos or photos I took from the weekend?  Not really, but I have reminisced about all the fun things I saw and did…I have listened to the music evoking that festival spirit making those videos a waste of data.  Would you rather watch a recap or be there in person?


3. Just chill!  Full disclosure, I pined over what I was going to wear to this festival.  I bought clothes and returned clothes…even considered a pair of Birkenstock, which is so against every fiber of my being.  I changed three times and then it hit me…I am going to be standing all day and went for comfort.  A floppy hat for shade, retro New Balance for comfort and small cheap cross body with fringe for easy travel.  End of the day…no one cared and to be real honest neither did I.  It was so hot that half way through the day I bought a tank top from a vendor and changed behind a tent…just trying to catch a breeze.  There were all types of people there from all ages and everyone was just there to chill and listen to some music.

Honestly, I had forgotten how GOOD music sounds when you are out in the open air.  It’s ten times better than indoors!  Lollapalooza was a check off my bucket list and I’d do it again in a heart beat.

If your from Omaha and didn’t make it out to Chi-town you’re in luck because Maha Music Festival is August 15th and I just might have the skinny on tickets.  Announcement coming soon!