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Needing a fashion fix with some Midwestern flare? Meet Kristin, fashionista and local blogger behind A Midwestern Mix living and working in Omaha; sharing her sweet girlish style with fun pops of color, the occasional print and sometimes simple minimalist style that we can all relate to.  Visit her blog here, but read a little more insight into her method and get to know the girl behind the blog.

What made you want to start a blog? 

I wanted a creative outlet for myself. I work it IT during the day so I’m constantly surrounded by men. The blog is a way to be as girly and feminine as I want while sharing my personal style. I’ve always been one that my friends would come to when they weren’t sure what to wear for an event or what shoes went with the dress they had on so I feel like the blog was a long time coming. The philosophy behind A Midwestern Mix is a platform to mix high & low style that is accessible to everyone with my passion for writing while also incorporating my love of fitness, food, & travel.

How would you describe your personal style?

Classic with a hint of trendy. A great fitting pair of skinny jeans paired with a high quality v-neck tee and a structured blazer can take you from office to happy hour and will never go out of style.

What is your favorite fashion piece that you own and why?

My first Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress. It was a splurge that I got in NYC but it is timeless and makes me feel so confident. It’s almost as if the dress has a persona of its own that I step into every time I put it on.

Do you ever wear vintage fashion and how do you perceive vintage as a fashion statement?

I’ve recently began incorporating a few vintage pieces in my wardrobe. I have this amazing vintage denim jacket that I found in Chicago and it truly is a treasure! I think vintage pieces make a bold statement and I always love hearing the story behind a piece before I buy it. There’s something so special about having an item that has already had a life of its own and knowing that no one else around has the ‘same’ thing you do is fabulous!

What do you like most about getting dressed?

I love creating a story when I get dressed.  Maybe I’m feeling sassy this morning so I’ll throw on a bright top, high heel and bold lip or maybe I’m feeling a bit lazy today so I’ll wear a baseball cap, boyfriend jeans and Converse. I dress for myself and what makes me feel comfortable and happy.

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