Proudly Presents RVAMPD Vintage Fashion Showcase

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Join along with five other fantastic vintage sellers from around Omaha for a night of fashion and shopping at the Slowdown.  Show starts at 7PM with a pop-up shop immediately following!  Seats available right in front of the action for $10 or $5 at the door standing room only.  Tickets will be available at all participating vendors or contact or via email at  Stay up to date as we prepare for the show at

Katharine Hepburn

Katharine Hepburn: Fashion Icon

Katharine Hepburn is a true icon of the big screen, stage and fashion.  With a career spanning 60 years, Katharine worked with the biggest Hollywood stars and challenged social norms with her brash and larger-than-life personality and unique sense of style.  One of the early adapters of the trouser, she would often be seen wearing her… Read More

Are You Referring To My “Man’s Bag”?

With the wrap of Menswear Fashion Week, one accessory reigned supreme across the fashion party line, whiched seem to have been carried forth from the spring collections right on into fall….the “Murse”.  What is a “Murse” you say?  Considering our cultural love for portmanteaus, giving birth to terms such as “Brangelina” and the forgettable “Spidey”; simply put, a “murse”… Read More

Late Night at the Local Grocer

MUSINGS– Being the mother of two young children, you often go to places you never thought you’d go, i.e. Chucky cheese, the interior of your toilet and quite possibly…the looney bin.  With all the craziness of parenting, it makes sense that any chance to stop and take a breather is grabbed as quickly as you… Read More

A Guide to Spring Trends

I need a Vogue issued decoder ring to unravel the ever changing landscape of fashion trends and the spring trends for 2015 are a prime example.  The list just keeps growing and frankly, I can’t keep up.  I am really excited for spring and the idea of sun, so to curb the winter blues and prepare, I… Read More