The Bauble Blog Is Back!

Bauble is back!  So after two moves and a holiday hiatus, new work space and new baubles it is time once again to get this party started…again.  I figure February first is a great day to get back into the swing so without further adieu, here are a few of the things I have been working on whilst away.

Fun with glitter!  Resin embedded with large shiny flakes of glitter to add a little more sparkle to your day and ensemble!

A new line of vintage inspired bracelets complete with vintage cabochons sourced from across the globe by yours truly.  More great styles to come this spring…promise!

And of course a new minimalist pendant styles hitting the shop as we speak.

All these great new styles are available at HauteBaubleVintage on Etsy and and ready to ship just in time for Valentines day!  As always, if your an Omaha local, shipping is few on and all domestic orders over $30 ship free.

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